Who we are

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Asset Management has a new name in the Greek market.

Our History

Wootis (Wootis SA) was founded in 2014, following its shareholders extensive experience in the wind energy market sector since 2002, in order to offer for the first time in Greece 24-hour live monitoring of Wind Farms and PV Parks, regardless of the manufacturer. 

Our Activities 

Wind Farms and PV Parks

We have closely monitored the operation of wind and PV Parks from the time of construction to the time of dismantling. We are familiar with the complex procedures investors follow, not only during the development of their projects but also during their operation. We recognize the dual role of Power Plants both as technical projects and as investments. For all of these reasons we can and do fully meet the needs that arise during the operation of Wind Farms and PV Parks. We concentrate on the continuous monitoring of the facilities, the immediate identification of any technical or financial problems that may arise, the timely intervention and restoration of the stations' smooth operation, the optimal representation of the stations in the Energy Exchange, the securing of the project's cash-flow and the disengagement of the respectable parties to the greatest extent possible.

Our Services

Wootis' expertise in the field of RES project maintenance, experience in live remote monitoring and remote control and the talents of our professional employees led to the addition of RES Asset Management services to its portfolio in 2018. Our services include:

  • 24/7 live remote monitoring (telemetry),
  • Absolute remote control and technical and commercial management,
  • Proactive maintenance work, providing same guarantees as the manufacturers, and energy efficiency optimization studies,
  • Reactive maintenance within a guaranteed time period and energy efficiency optimization and
  • Design of PV Parks and supply and installation of the necessary equipment, providing turnkey solutions.

Consistent in its vision for full project management and in line with the ever-changing landscape of the Energy Market in Greece, Wootis obtained in April 2020 a RES Aggregator License  from the Regulatory Authority for Energy. As a result, it is now the only Greek company that, through its holistic approach, offers every RES project investor, regardless of size, a complete asset management package that meets all of its demands, resulting in the optimal operation of RES projects with little investor engagement. 

Our People

Wootis closely monitors international technology advances and insists on the ongoing education and training of its employees so that they are always prepared to cope with any problems that may emerge in a Renewable Energy project. Having qualified engineers and specialized technicians in its human resources, it can manage any PV and wind project. The live remote monitoring service and timely information from our expert technical staff, means:

  • the reduction of losses in power generation in Wind Farms & PV Parks;
  • the optimization of project performance; and
  • the uninterrupted and smooth operation of the Power Plants.


Our Vision 

Our goal and vision at Wootis is to continue to invest in Greek entrepreneurship, innovation and quality and to act responsibly towards our customers by providing value-added services and products. We aim at growing but in doing so, we show respect for our employees, our customers, society and the environment and we maintain a non-negotiable commitment to excellence.

CEO Karadimas Athanasios mail. number. +30 2106 254707
COO Patsouridis Paris mail. number. +30 2106 254707