Wootis strengthens its presence in Thrace


Wootis successfully organized an information day for the Energy Communities active in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace regarding the technological developments and perspectives in the field of construction, maintenance and operation of PV Parks and the advantages of group asset management under the auspices of the Evros Chamber on the occasion of one year of operation of its branch in Alexandroupolis.

According to a company announcement, Wootis provides integrated renewable energy management services that cover the full range of investment needs. Investors/Asset owners and Project managers enjoy, among other things, 24-hour remote control services all year round, detailed production data reporting, optimization suggestions, operational problems and troubleshooting procedures, regular maintenance and troubleshooting work, and representation of their stations in the energy market.

In the one year of operation of its branch in Alexandroupolis, Wootis has undertaken the maintenance of two Wind Power Stations of the Terna Energy group at the level of full maintenance contract, achieving an increase in the technical availability of the stations. "We became the first independent company in Greece to provide a wind farm maintenance contract with guaranteed technical availability and response time better than that of the manufacturer," points out Mr. Ath. Karadimas, CEO of the company.

"Knowing very well the specifics of the operation of Wind Farms and Photovoltaic Parks and the importance of their uninterrupted and optimized operation, we focused on creating a package of services that will provide the investor with the assurance that every hour and every moment someone pays attention to his park and is there to deal with any problem that arises without delays and consequent lost profits ".

With the necessary infrastructure, Wootis’ highly trained staff and specialized partners undertook and successfully completed the supply of equipment, design and construction of 14 Photovoltaic Stations in the Evros Prefecture with a total installed capacity of 8.4 MW. Wootis also represents in the energy exchange via its FOSE license, 53 Photovoltaic Parks of ​​29 companies, in the area, with a total installed capacity of 39.5 MW.

"We recognize the importance of Thrace and Evros, as an energy hub with remarkable wind and solar potential as well as its increasing participation in the energy balance of the country. Realizing the value of the immediate response to the operation of RES stations and the immediacy in communication with their owners, we chose to invest in the creation of our branch in Alexandroupolis, thus ensuring the quality of services provided and participating in the development perspective of the region. " adds Mr. P. Patsouridis, COO of the company.

On the occasion of one year of operation in Evros, Wootis provides a 15% discount on the maintenance and operation services of PV Parks in Thrace for bid requests that will be sent to pvprojects@wootis.gr until 31/7/2021.