Asset Management

Our extensive expertise and many years of experience allow us to offer a high quality end-to-end administrative service for your renewable energy asset, from the development process to its optimal operation.

Wootis offers technical and operational support throughout every step involved in the development of a project, including design review, construction supervision, licensing and quality control, while making sure that the project meets all the legal, administrative, commercial and environmental obligations. During every phase, all essential work is carried out in accordance with our clients' standards.


Renewable energy plants require continuous management processes in order to achieve operational efficiency throughout their entire life cycle. As your trusted partner, we enable you to get the most out of your assets, by offering a set of resources to help you maximize your production and ensure that they deliver optimal performance. Our approach combines both practical and analytical administrative tasks, at a technical, commercial and financial level.

Technical management

To deliver maximum operational performance, efficient technical management is essential. We offer a full suite of tools and services, such as live remote monitoring 24/7/365, regular maintenance and technical analysis of your RES asset. We notify you in case of failure or malfunction, we ensure rapid fault handling on location when that is possible and we analyse the data provided by monitoring your asset in technical reports. We also include maintenance tasks at a preventive, corrective and predictive level.

Commercial management

When it comes to the commercial aspect of your asset's performance, we work with you on a regular basis and we provide you with reliable representation services in the Hellenic Energy Exchange, by constantly improving our market participation strategy. We also stay in touch with all the responsible departments (HEDNO, DAPEEP, ENEX, TSO) on your behalf, to ensure that your RES assets are compliant with all the current technical and legal regulations.

Financial management

As part of our renewable energy asset management, we integrate multiple processes to achieve optimal financial management for our clients. We provide you with detailed reports, we make it easy for you to collect all the necessary financial data and increase your profitability and we manage your revenue obtained from the participation in all Hellenic Energy Exchange markets.

Head of Asset Management Dept. Παντιώρας Γιώργος mail telephone 21062 54707
CTO Ιωαννίδης Δημήτρης mail telephone 25510 80306
Head of Energy Trading Team Παπαθεoδώρου Γιώργος mail telephone 21062 54707