RES Aggregator

Based on the RES new support scheme for RES and Thermal power plants, RES producers will gain additional competitiveness incentives, but also will also be responsible for accurately forecasting their production and will be charged for the system imbalances, which they may have caused by deviations between their forecasts and production. τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Price and Production Forecasts τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Optimized Direct Participation in all Power Markets τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Direct and Immediate Payments

Price and Production Forecasts

It is our business to utilize our in-house software systems for asset management, monitoring and 24/7 trading services in order to actualize the potential of your energy assets. In order to keep up the pace, in an ever-competitive growing energy market, we assist our partners in forecasting market prices and energy production volumes.

In order to achieve the best possible collaboration, towards achieving our shared goal- to achieve the best possible price for your RES production, we require access to the power plants systems for the retrieval of the actual feed-in data and in cases where it is possible for the plants remote control.

Optimized Direct Participation in all Power Markets

We use state-of-the-art methods of forecasting of the production of your installed RES capacity, as to avoid as many financial losses as possible due to of imbalances. Similarly, we use market pricing forecasting methods to optimize our participation in all of the following markets of the Hellenic Energy Exchange.

We use models that evaluate, which market participation strategy would prove more profitable. Strategy means, evaluating the profitability of each of the following markets Forward, Day- Ahead, Intraday- Continuous, Balancing and Ancillary Services and choosing how to spread our treaded volume across those markets.

At the end of each month, we provide detailed reports- regarding the performance of your assets.

Direct and Immediate Payments

We manage and clear transactions on a daily basis for the Day Ahead- and Intra-Day markets and on a monthly basis for imbalance charges. We are in constant communication with the Hellenic Energy Exchange and the appropriate clearing Houses, in order to provide immediate payments for our customers.

RES Aggregator Manager

George M. Papatheodorou
Project Manager - Electricity Markets
+30 6986 582 383
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