Asset Management Policy


DATE: 16.05.23

WOOTIS , deals with the remote management of wind and photovoltaic plants for this reason recognizes the importance of effective asset management to contribute to the achievement of overall organizational goals, implementing the requirements of ISO 55001. It is committed to maximizing the value derived from its physical assets and recognizes that value is represented by appropriate a balance between the benefits, costs and risks associated with these assets and that the value must be sustainable in the short and long term.

To fulfill this commitment, WOOTIS:

• Ensures compliance with all legal requirements applicable to physical assets and asset management

• Certifies that all decisions and activities of the Asset Management comply with its other policies, including, at least, those related to quality, work, health, safety and the environment

• Ensure that asset management decisions and activities take into account and balance the needs of all stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization

• Ensures alignment and coordination between all organizational functions affecting Asset Management, including Maintenance and Material Procurement

• Certifies that its assets are managed in accordance with recognized asset management techniques that take into account the achievement of both short-term and long-term business goals

• Formally assess risks and financial outcomes when making decisions regarding the management of physical assets

• Ensure that decisions to purchase, replace, refurbish and dispose of assets are made based on an assessment of expected future customer demand, life-cycle costs and risks

• Manage assets in a disciplined and accurate manner

• Maintains assets in such a way that they continue to meet operational requirements during their expected life

• Ensures that sufficient resources are provided to enable the achievement of the agreed Asset Management objectives

• Continuously improves asset management process and performance