Quality Policy


DATE: 16.05.23

WOOTIS, deals with the remote management of wind and photovoltaic plants. Aiming at the continuous improvement of the services provided, it implements an integrated quality assurance system, in accordance with the international standard for quality ISO 9001: 2015.

For the effective implementation of the Quality Management System, the company:

· provides sufficient means for its efficient implementation

· provides continuous information and training of its staff

· ensures continuous monitoring of all stages of the services provided

· has documented procedures for the effective handling of customer requirements

· establish a system of internal controls to detect and prevent mishandling

· systematically provides corrective actions in problem areas, aiming at upgrading and proper operation of the applied Quality Management System

· establish, monitor and review, whenever necessary, quality objectives

· complies with legal and regulatory requirements of national and European legislation.

· implement a mechanism to anticipate and address risks and opportunities

All employees of the company are responsible for the implementation of the Company's policy on Quality issues.

In addition, the company's Management is responsible for monitoring and upgrading the Quality Policy at regular intervals, in order to confirm that it remains relevant and effective.